Killing 102: Cult of Wildeye
Directed by Daniel Viglietti
Produced by Daniel Viglietti
Julian Viglietti
Written by Daniel Viglietti
Starring Daniel Viglietti
Julian Viglietti
Music by Kevin McLeod
Distributed by YouTube
Release date(s) Coming Soon
Running time TBC
Language English
Budget $50
Gross revenue
Preceded by
Followed by N/A

Killing 102: Cult of Wildeye is the Second Short Film produced by Daniel Viglietti Productions in the Killing 101 franchise.



1 year after Killing 101, Lucas Jones has recovered and is taking it easy in his home town of Melbourne, Australia. But two Wildeye copycats have risen from the cult where the first Wildeye originated, and are here to take revenge on Lucas once and for all.

In-Depth Summary

Lucas Jones is at home watching the short film Killing 101, in which he is played by Daniel Viglietti. He turns it off in disgust and makes his way into the kitchen, where he takes three drugs. Lucas accesses the Cult of Wildeye website on his laptop where he learns two cult members are missing. Lucas gets a call from the new Wildeye and is lured outside as Smiling Man sneaks inside. Lucas tries to call the police and Smiling Man jumps out and attacks him and stabs him, leaving his fate unknown.

Alternate Ending

Lucas Jones wakes up a few minutes after the original ending. He finds a phone on the floor and attempts to call the police, but the phone loses power. A figure (presumably Smiling Man) comes up behind him, takes the phone and his mask and walks out of the house as Lucas falls unconscious, still leaving his fate unknown.


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